ProductsKeeping up with current market demands, Tag Steel Sdn Bhd is focused on construction related steel products as well as annealed tying wire products.

Low Carbon Hard Drawn Steel Wire

Application: Automotive seat, refrigerator tray, fan guard, file ring, display stand, nails, steel bed mesh, coat hanger, steel furniture, kitchen utensil tray, pet cages, etc.
Size (mm): 1.00 - 10.00
Tensile (n/mm²): 360 - 1150

Fine Wire

Appication: Staples Wire, Stitching Wire, Steel Fiber
Size (mm): 0.64 - 1.53
Tensile (n/mm²): 900 - 1150

Black Annealed Wire

Application: Tying wire and General Purposes
Size (mm): 2.0 - 4.0
Tensile (n/mm²): 350 - 450

Black Annealed Fine Wire

Application: Tying of steel bar in the construction industry. PVC coated wire for artificial flowers and plants. Tying of bonsai plants. PVC coated wire for fencing.
Size (mm): 0.90 - 1.20
Tensile (n/mm²): 350 - 450

Cold Rolled Ribbed Steel Bar & Compact Coils

Application: Cold Ribbed Steel Bar is widely used for various steel bar concrete structure and making of various concrete precast components such as concrete piles, culverts drains and etc. With its high strength and griping strength with concrete, it can reduce the cost of steel bar used in construction.
Standard size: 5.38mm, 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 7.10mm, 7.50mm, 8.30mm & 8.50mm.
Supply condition: Straight bar (12 meters) or cut to customer's required length. Compact coil packing 1,000kg or 1,500kg.
Tensile (n/mm²): 450 - 550
Properties Elongation: 10% ≥ 15%

Round Bar

Application:Round bar are suitable for use as reinforced bars for small and medium buildings.
Standard size: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm & 10mm
Supply condition: straight bar (12 meters) or cut to customer's required length

High Tensilee Deformed Bar, Mild Steel Round Bar & Wire Rod

We are distributors of steel bar and wire rod manufactured by Ann Joo Steel Berhad, Southern Steel Berhad and other manufacturers.

Tungsten Carbide Roller & Rolling Cassette

We are also agent for Tungsten Carbide Roller & rolling cassette unit for making of rib steel bar which is subsequently used for welded mesh.

Polypropylene fibers

Application: Precast concrete and sections, shotcrete applications, floor slabs, sidewalks, concrete driveways, etc.
Standard size: 12mm/ 19mm/ 55mm

Steel fibers

Application: Industrial or residential flooring, pre-cast products, shotcrete applications, pavements, overlays, safety vault, blast-proof structure, etc.
Standard size: Ø 0.55 mm / L = 35mm, Ø 0.75 mm / L = 60mm, Ø 0.90 mm / L = 60mm